Need help with my writing homework on E-commerce in China and the United States of America. Write a 1500 word paper answering; More specifically, the internet in the developed nations such as the United States of America (USA) has been accessed by widespread people while its access in developing countries such as China is gaining rapid momentum. Business organizations are engaged in exploiting the full-fledged advantages offered by the internet. Nonetheless, significant differences are seen in terms of the internet access between China and the USA. These differences can be identified in the context of freedom of speech, censorship and the right to govern within national borders. Responsively, in terms of freedom of speech pertaining to the internet access in China, it is seen to be greatly varied than the USA. Since the introduction of the internet in China in 1994, the government of the country has done little to promote freedom of speech of its people (Wetherbee 112-113).Unlike the USA, China places considerable restrictions on freedom of speech and expression. The restrictions on the right of the internet users to freely obtain the information can also be seen to exert a significant impact on the right of the publishers on the internet to publish information. Evidently, registration and licensing schemes in China go hand in hand with far-reaching surveillance processes that have a serious influence on the online speech and are driven by the political desire to suppress undesirable political speech (Negriff 130-144). The commercialization of the internet in China began in 1995, a year after the introduction of the internet in 1994. Ever since, the government of China has determined to control its content and censor information. China is seen to operate the sophisticated technologies and extensive system of the internet filtering around the globe such as “Great Firewall” or the “Golden Shield.” It blocks and censors myriad information generating within and outside the country (Patrick and Thaler 1-10).