Need help with my writing homework on Communication/Organisation Management. Write a 750 word paper answering; Communication is a cornerstone in implementation of organization change. therefore, it is in this regards that every management employ efficient strategies to help in passing of information. Good communication of changes in organization raise awareness, impart knowledge about the new change as well as new processes adopted. It is in this regards that the paper attempts to analyze various strategies managers should consider in order to ensure effective transmission of organization changes from plans to real actions. To start is safety values and security of the change implemented. This is a consideration managers should give a priority as no matter how good and persuasive the changes is, employees will always doubt changes being enacted. Some of the questions employees ask silently about a change is. if it offers their security of existence and to what extent the issue affects their operations. Any doubt raised about the proposed change always result into disastrous measures often leading to rejection and strikes (Senior &amp. Swailes 2010, pp 56). It is therefore necessary that the management make proactive change initiators to convince employees beyond any doubt on the effects of the proposed change.