Need help with my writing homework on Alternative Energy Resources. Write a 2000 word paper answering; The temperature level in the earth has critical role hence it cannot be produced in all the localities. Scientists have estimated that the amount of geothermal power present in the crust of earth is sufficient to fulfill the energy requirements of the world for upcoming many centuries. It is sustainable, cost effective, and reliable. and has the tendency to facilitate all mainstream energy units (Jorgensen 51). According to Ting (2011, p.230), the drilling interface for the production of this kind of energy is very expensive. The machinery and equipment required for the digging purpose cannot be afforded easily. The selection of appropriate place needs accuracy as drilling costs are too high. Governments’ intervention for this energy producing resource is essential as private bodies cannot solely bear its costs. Some countries like United States, Philippines, Ice land and Japan have taken serious measures to produce energy from this form. China is taking colossal steps in this regard too. The expense of machinery eventually effects on the consumers too thus people have to pay lot more than usual rates. Chevron Corporation has immensely invested in the geothermal production units. It is the largest private sector energy producing unit and has tremendously facilitated numerous consumers throughout the globe. The focus of the corporation remains to fulfill energy requirements of residents at all levels. Currently in United States more than 77 geothermal power electricity units are operational. producing approximately 3086 MW energy. The Geysers, California is the region where America’s largest geothermal production unit is installed.