Need an research paper on u choose a topic. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism. In the past, video games were played by teens (young adults), but today, relatively old people are seen playing the games and enjoying themselves. As of 2005, over US$ 35 billion was spent on video game consoles, handled game devices, game software, online games and mobile games. Also, new generation consoles developed by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, as from 2005, were projected to push up the sales to over US$ 51 billion, in 2010 (Gamble 198). The video game industry also employs people experienced in other old-fashioned businesses, but some have skills and knowledge tailored to the video game industry. For instance, a majority of recruiters target only game industry experts, which has led to numerous employment opportunities. Through this, it can be noted that this industry is a vital player in the world economy. This paper will discuss the key success factors in this industry. It will also discuss how the industry is changing and evaluate the strategies used by big players such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Question 1 Demands in the video game industry will always be there. However, the strategies that players in this field use to market themselves are the ones that matter the most (Gamble 87). Some of the key strategies of marketing a product in this field include: marketing related, technology related, distribution related and skilled and capability related (Flew 53). The marketing of video games in the past was simple. Advertising was done by word of mouth and, at times, only steady in ads of leading video games consumer publications. However, in 1994, video game marketing became a more substantial factor such as clear advertising and a strong brand name. With regards to technology, the video game industry has the skill to develop production process for the demands and needs for the client, which, if the purchaser wants 8-bit video game, then the industry would create that type of creation. For instance, modernizers have a behavior of purchasing new systems, which offer vital technology improvement over present alternatives and are usually unresponsive to software availability, price breadth of distribution, brand identification and factory support (Gamble 87). Finally, with regards to skilled and capability related, the video game industry is experiencing the growth of more and more groundbreaking products over a short period of time, with organizations copying each other’s products to earn in the race to success. Even though, the vital players in this industry operated both in global and domestic markets, more success was attained on national grounds (Flew 53). Question 2 Regarded by others as an oddity in the mid-70s, the video and computer game industries have developed from centered markets to the mainstream business (Gamble 202). The industry took in almost US$9.5 billion in the United States, 11.7 billion and 25.1 billion, in 2007, 2008 and 2010, respectively. Contemporary personal computers and video game consoles owe numerous advancements and modernizations to the game industry: graphics cards, sound cards and 3D graphic accelerators, DVD-ROM and CD-ROM drives, are some of few more notable and significant improvements. Sound cards were established in order to add high and digital-quality sound to games. They were later improved and enhanced for audiophiles andmusic.Graphics cards were created for more colors, as well.