Need an research paper on social housing in the uk. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is also because of this reason that social housing units are often developed in high-cost areas to reduce the gap between rich and poor as housing is considered. A key perceived benefit of this approach is to create a sense of community through diversified and mixed communities. This is done in order to ensure that low-income families can also have access to other amenities such as better schools, parks and other facilities. &nbsp.(Monk, 2009, pp. 21–38)What is critical to note, however, is the fact that sense of community has not been developed in the social housing sector despite the fact that efforts have been made to create mixed and diversified communities. Issues such as security are considered as important for reducing the impacts of social inclusion on those living in any such communities.The sense of Community is a multi-dimensional concept that is not only part of the community psychology but that of social psychology also. The sense of community focuses more on having a positive experience of the community rather than focusing on the overall structure of the community.A sense of community is considered as an integral part of one’s commitment towards the neighborhood as well as the overall level of satisfaction. Various research studies concluded that those living a satisfied and happier life tend to see their neighborhood as the smaller community within the city while at the same showing loyalty to the neighborhood. It is critical therefore those neighborhoods are developed in a manner that can ensure the development of this sense of community. (Arthurson, 2012)Design is one of the key issues in dealing with the issue of creating a sense of community. Community halls and easily accessible amenities carved out of the existing space. Facility designs, therefore, are of critical importance.