Need an research paper on information system analysis on footwear vendor. Needs to be 17 pages. Please no plagiarism. There are a number of aspects of graphics that are involved. The WBIS gives emphasis on visual design for every web page but fails to offer a strategic means of designing the website structures. There are also methods of designing websites, for example, OOHDM.These design methods are vital in modeling applications that can direct their users to their desired information. However, for WBIS users, accessing certain info is partly one of the objectives of the business. They also have the obligation of processing data, communicating and collaborating with partners by use of WBIS. These methods of modeling fail to answer the vital questions in designing and analyzing WBIS, for instance, it does not tell how or if the users managed to achieve their business objective by use of WBIS, how the process of WBIS responds and processes to the user inputs and how the users connect with each other. Maintenance is a critical issue when the websites begin to have frequent visitors and users (Saeed, 2014, p.45). Unfortunately, research on maintenance is very scarce although there are some commercial tools that can be used to identify broken links within the websites, they fail to offer info for getting rid of such problems. Reports from software engineers argue that the cost of maintenance can reduce if errors are found in the phases of design and analysis.The current phase of Trendz only shows the implementation details and explains how the system will work, which includes how the users interact with the system, the format of info and the specific technology. The users who browse on the website cannot interact with other users. The website is almost static meaning that there is very little that the users can do to interact or connect to other links (Zaphiris, & Kurniawan, 2007, p.79). The links that the customer’s click should automatically direct them to the content of the page.