Need an research paper on film: the republic. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. The film is the art of depicting actions through moving pictures accompanied by sound, to show daily events based on human life. The moving pictures are those of humans as well as those of animals and their immediate environment. That is how the living interacts and manipulates nature as they try to cope and live a better life.The Republic by&nbsp.Plato is a film revolving and based on the main theme of Film Maker or film holding up to nature. Plato creates a depiction in the film that tries to explain and indicate how the film is holding up to nature. He builds on his main theme of the film, “film holding up to nature,” by giving detailed explanations showing how film acts as a mirror to nature. The film gives an elaboration to reflect on how the film is holding up nature through film characters’ roles. Holding up to nature refers to acting as a mirror of the events in life. The film, therefore, seeks to answer the question, “does the film hold up to nature?” The subject of concern of the film is to explain the various ways through events in the film are of resemblance to the events in real life.The film contemplates the ideas factoring in the social virtues (Plato 57). The film explains the various ways in which the film held up to nature. The film is set upon explaining projected or foreboded events to happen in the future in relation to the different human life aspects.The Republic film is a vehicle of great truths in life. In Plato’s, own thinking and argument in writing the film, some of the great truths in life and the related life events assume the form of state. For instance, the film depicts that the Jewish prophets foresaw the reign of Jesus, the suffering of God’s people, and healing in the sun’s righteousness wings. The film reveals based on Plato’s own imagination the idea of what is good.&nbsp.