I will pay for the following article The Coordination of Information from Various Specialists. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Thus the architect’s role to some extent becomes a leadership role, although Hawk (1996) does point out that while most architectural training may involve some level of management training as well, it will not necessarily imbue him or her with leadership qualities. The architect, as an artist, has chosen the traditional timber cut roof and roof coverings and battalion insulation between the rafters. Using a steel trussed roof represents a substantial modification to the original contract, which in effect subordinates the architect’s managerial and leadership role because the client is in effect, taking over the design of the building by requiring a different material to be used. There is, however, less stress for the architect as compared to other personnel because his role occurs largely at the conceptual and design stages. once the construction commences, his role becomes largely peripheral. The new change would only require the architect to change one part of his design but would necessitate him transferring information to the structural engineer.For the structural engineer, the change in design would involve considerable changes in production and the information provided by the architect would be vital in planning and executing the actual change in construction. This information would need to be provided within a specified time frame and the engineer would be the arbiter of the quality of work. It gives the designers an opportunity to (a) determine their work patterns (b) adjust their priorities within the timescale and (c) a flexibility that is compatible with the inherent freedom of the designers.(Gray and Hughes, 2000:138). The appreciation of the value of information ensures that its flow is carefully controlled and that construction is not delayed through the failure of others to appreciate the value of the information.The change in roof material and design is a complex one that could require extensive changes in production. As Hughes and Gray (2000:52) point out, procurement options in this regard will play a significant role, because it would help to make the design and construction process more interactive.&nbsp.