I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Case Study: Starbucks’ Structure. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Required Skills 1. Efficient communication skills 2. Friendly 3. Charming personality 4. Calm & positive thinker 5. Ability to work under pressures Educational Qualification 1. Must have completed high school 2. Must have the knowledge of local language 3. Proficiency in computers is an added benefit 4. Analytical skills are an added advantage Job Specification Job Title Barista Purpose The person will be responsible for providing efficient service to the customers. They will answer all their queries & will give them suggestions regarding the items to choose. They will serve the customers with a smiling face. They will also contribute towards management decisions by providing important feedbacks. Reporting to They will be reporting to the Administration manager of the outlet. Working Hours Full Time- 9a.m to 7p.m (including 1 pm to 2 pm lunch-time) Part Time- 10a.m. to 4p.m. Saturday is half-day & Sunday is off. Salary For full time – $133 per month For part time -$70 per month Probation The probation period is for 6 months after which the salary structure will be revised & the employee will be offered a permanent placement (Jones, 2008, p.153). Question 2 Departmentalization means to break down the organization according to various activities. There are basically five types of departmentalization- 1. Functional Departmentalization- This refers to departmentalization on the basis of functions like accounts & HR. 2. Geographical Departmentalization- Here the departments are organized according to the location. 3. Product Departmentalization- It involves departmentalization on the basis of products that are supplied by the company 4. Process Departmentalization- In this type of departmentalization, processing is the main factor on which the division process depends. 5. Customer Departmentalization- Here departmentalization is based on the types of customers. It is advisable that Starbucks should opt for a combination of Product & Customer Departmentalization. As it has tried experimenting with various kinds of lunch services therefore the product departmentalization would help the company to organize its products. It can run separate sections for main course food & for snacks. Also the customer departmentalization would help providing the service to the customers by dividing the shop into zones for the fun loving college group & for the professionals who opt for a cup of coffee while discussing serious matters. It is highly recommended that Starbucks should offer food products along with serving coffee as it’s a general habit of people to munch on something while having tea or coffee. People mostly prefer cookies, sandwich, burgers etc. which will prove to be a supplement to the coffee served. Serving lunch is also a good option for Starbucks as its already established brand name will help in its promotion as a restaurant & people will blindly trust its quality. Question 3 Starbucks enjoyed continuous growth & profit until the recession of 2008 hit the market. During this period, the company realized that the falling economy is having negative impacts on its functioning. Its over-expansion procedure proved to be a wrong step for the company’s structure as the outlets incurred losses as well as each of the outlets needed maintenance cost.