I need help creating a thesis and an outline on California Grill and Bar. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. However, official reports show a dwindling market share for the Grill with a growing list of customers who continue to express dissatisfaction with the facility as most explain that they ate at the hotel simply because it was convenient. The researcher uses a number of data collection strategies to measure up the level of satisfaction of the hotel’s customers and compares the operations of the hotel to those of other similar facilities. This way, the researcher determines the nature of the problem, which arises from the hotel’s inability to diversify its services and to expand with time. The report uses a number of graphical data presentation techniques such as tables and graphs to prove the nature and effects of the problems. This way, the research informs the recommendations key among which is the advice for the hotel to embrace new technologies and to expand its services in order to grow its market share both in the region and globally.The San Mateo Marriotts California Grill is an upscale hotel that offers a number of services and products. The hotel enjoys a strategic location, which is about ten minutes from the busy San Francisco International Airport. The Grill and Bar offers a variety of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinners and an assortment of cocktails. The hotel prides itself on offering high-quality services. It targets the middle class and the wealthy and therefore offers appropriate services for the various target markets. Despite the hotel’s attempt to diversify its products, it continues to register mixed performance with its profitability remaining unpredictable. While the strategic location should enhance the hotel’s favorability among both local and international travelers most of whom make maiden stops at the airport, such has not been the case since the hotel continues to register unprofitability with the grill and bar incurring major loses.&nbsp.