Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Adoption of Agricultural Innovations. It is difficult for agricultural products to lack a market. In that way then, agriculture becomes an asset in earning foreign exchange to a country (John, 2001).Research in food production is a tool that many governments and multinational organizations use to ensure that innovative methods of farming and food storage, processing are devised in order to make sure that the country’s population has enough food and for disadvantaged people in various countries in the world. There is no country that is willing to be left behind when others are moving ahead with better means of food production. In some countries, the training of members of staff in agricultural sectors is given priority so that they can lead their nations in the maximum production of food to satisfy the needs of a country’s population.Research in agriculture has several dimensions. Some agricultural specialists focus on the means of production, others on farm inputs, methods of farming among other areas. This can be seen n the wide range of agricultural options available for students in institutions of higher learning in various countries. All these have been made necessary due to the wide nature of food production and the increased population in the world that makes traditional means of food production unsatisfactory. There is so much knowledge generated across these many sub-disciplines in Agriculture making it very necessary for the creation of programs that can translate these into practical use. Agricultural extension programs are implemented for the sole purpose of reaching farmers of all kinds of foods with innovative approaches to increase production using their present size of farms (Hudu, 2010).Agricultural extension is a term that can have different meanings depending on the context it is being used.