Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Vulnerability in Elderly. The irony is that most of these factors that make people susceptible to vulnerability do stand to be valid and applicable in case of the elderly people (Cox 1995). Elderly people do happen to affiliate a state of life which rather accentuates and increases the causes that make them vulnerable. Thereby the elderly people are a part of the community and constitute such a population segment that is proportionately more vulnerable to a series of social ills, medical and health conditions, emotional and physical abuse and financial frauds, etc (Cox 1995). They are a segment of the population that is utterly susceptible to a range of problems and issues and thereby do need a concerted help and assistance from the social communities and state welfare agencies.It is a social fact that for multiple obvious reasons, elderly people do happen to be way more vulnerable as compared to young people. The thing is that the elderly people who are in their 80s and 90s do tend to outlive many of their family members and thereby have a limited access to a pool of people who loves them and could provide them with the access to the requisite emotional and medical support, emotional stability and financial help (Alpert 1994, p. 95). It is such a patch of life in an individual’s overall life that not only deprives one of the much needed familial and social support, the physical and mental capacity to participate in the social and community life in a proactive and energetic way, and the capacity to take care of oneself in the varied sphere of one’s life are the public, social, medical, emotional or financial. Thereby the elder people are more vulnerable to an array of societal and community issues and the larger capacity to protect themselves from varied kinds of physical, mental, and financial abuse.