Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Use Of Automated Machine Tools In Small And Large Batch Manufacturing. The professionals involved in the production of machinery that fills in and packs the tea-bags have benefited from the automation concepts for many years. An engineering firm located in Meersburg, Germany with the help of Soflex’s management, developed a new line that was realized jointly with Schuler, the company’s partner. One very challenging goal to be achieved by the line was the production of different components of the tea packaging machines while keeping the sizes of the batches small. The Head of the Business Unit Automation Machine Tools, Daniel Kost explained the system’s benefits in these words, “The heart of this modern solution is the automated production system (APS), which helps provide the machining centers DMC 60 U dB with workpieces… With the aid of the automation concept, we can keep set-up and clamping times low and maximize machine running times – despite the variety of parts” (Kost cited in Treppa). The German engineering firm used the ATS tool storage unit of Schuler which helped it make 760 different tools accessible to the machining centers out of which, 400 exist in the central linear unit of storage whereas another 120 are located in each of the three machines (Treppa). It is possible to replace each of these tools from one machine to another with no waste of time whereas the unrequired tools remain within the storage unit. This system of tool automation provides the advantage of using just one tool in all the three machines and does not need to be withdrawn from the system until the completion of the service life. As a result of this, the cost of the provision as well as of tool is&nbsp.reduced. Limitations in the use of automated machine tools in low batch production One limitation commonly faced by the companies that use the automated machine tools for the production of low batches is the high number of workpieces that vary.