Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on truth is stranger than it used to be Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The elementary problem demonstrated in the story is that of human suffering resulted from severe injustice. It suggests a solution for the problems through the action of Yahweh, the God of compassion and righteousness. The remedy of the problem is not a violent movement but breaking the bonds of slavery.The third and final reason which Middleton and Walsh’s remark is that the whole story reveals the simple meaning of faith and it has authenticity, material base and time. It is a natural response to what God has done for the human race.Analyzing the book. Truth Is Stranger than It Used to Be, one can recognize that biblical meta-narrative is inherently excluded from violence because the story discusses the human strife for justice and peace. The mighty God breaks the bondage of slavery and sets the Israelites as a free citizen.In your own words, explain at least three ways in which the biblical meta-narrative demands compassion and inclusion of the marginalized? In what way(s) should your own life be more compassionate and inclusive?The book entitled. Truth Is Stranger Than It Used to Be, explores a grave criticism about Christian faith in light of both modern and posts modern culture. Middleton and Walsh critically analyze the philosophy of modernism and postmodernism. In postmodernist view, human experiences appear more excruciating and daunting. Postmodern philosophers have often admitted the fact that the Bible is a collection of odd stories presented in numerous ways. The postmodern worldview leaves people with utter stupefaction and meaninglessness. Biblical meta-narrative requires compassion and inclusion towards the marginalized.The authors introduce different ways that biblical ideologies demand compassion and inclusion.&nbsp.