Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on representation of black people in hollywood cinema Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Thus, a methodology is necessary to fulfill the objective. The first step will be through analyzing the reason behind these forms of representation of the black people in the film industry. The objective will also try to understand the potential opportunities of blacks in the film industry. Another major aim of the objective will be to recognize the challenges that black people face in the film industry and formulate possible solutions to overcome these challenges. The overall aim of the paper will be to bring to attention the need to have fair representation for both the black and white people in the film industry1.Hollywood like any other mainstream institution in the US has the capability to condition a great population socially and thus the society too. This social conditioning has far-reaching ramifications especially for the black people in the film industry2. In Hollywood, black people continually bare the social racist condition of the perpetual slave in films. American films have a long stained history of depicting blacks negatively in films. The motives are barely solid, just pure white supremacy themes and institutional racism. Hollywood is not the only institution with black racism but many other institutions worldwide too.Most film institutions including Holly wood is ideal when it comes to racism. White supremacy and institutional racism are now a big mix up that even racism is hardly detectable only until significant damage comes to a realization. The film institutions have no conscience on what the long-term effects may be on these racial factors. However much the movies with black slaves sell, there is still the stereotype of racism as a theme in the movies and that is what the white person wants to continue believing in. The fact that black people only submit to these positions only makes the whites dominate the film industry selling this racism as part of the entertainment.