Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on When Father Was Away on Business and Occupation in 26 Frames. It needs to be at least 1500 words. There was a great fluctuation in the economy as the nation experienced massive internal strife. There was also a lot of pressure coming from the neighboring powerful states such as Germany and Italy. These advanced nations had become sadists of the situation in Yugoslavia and were taking advantage of every slim opportunity to fulfill their own interests. The natives of Yugoslavia also turned against each other as one party fought for the dissolution of the state while others, the communist, tried to resist the move. The aforementioned movies, though take the fiction form, try to depict the reality of what actually took place in post World War II in Yugoslavia. The two films have narrowed down the situation to a family level so that the audience could see what the individual people felt in such a time of crisis. However, there is slight manipulation of the dialogue and picture in similar episodes so as to portray different ideologies and different times during the crisis.Occupation in 26 Frames, as shall be discussed later on in this essay, shares a number of ideas and themes with its counterpart, When Father Was Away on Business. The former has the setting of Yugoslavia when the nation at the verge of dissolution, marked by mass killing of the Serbs and the communist that were the main opponent of the Ustasha regime. As the movie unfolds, three friends, Niko, Toni and Miho are very close together. They do almost everything together and their ideas seem to be quite unified by the strong bonds of the friendship. They all belong to one fencing club Dubrovnik city. It would be of great essence to note from the onset that these three friends were of very different origin. Except for Niko who was a Croatian, Toni was an Italian by birth while Miho was Jewish. Besides, the Croatian was from a rich background and had much influence on the two.