Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses migratory farm labor. Furthermore, immigrants have not created a crime wave in the US, nor have they depleted the wealth of the nation (Brendel). Stated succinctly, immigrants do not constitute any significant threat to the wellbeing of American society.These individuals from the developing world have without a doubt obtained opportunities and benefits that are unimaginable in their country of origin. Eminent economists of the ilk of Mill, Kant and Dewey had promoted immigration. This in conjunction with empirical data on the outcomes of immigration advocates a less restrictive approach towards immigration (Brendel).The term labor connotes the intellectual and physical skills used by individuals, during the manufacture of goods and the provision of services (Hussain 125). Economists tend to consider entrepreneurial capability as distinct from labor. As a result, the services provided by a ditch digger, retail clerk or farmhand are to be found under the same category of labor (Labor).In addition, one encounters a large number of workers from the north-central mountains and the Pacific State region, who venture out in the spring, with the express intention of cultivating cotton, fruits, sugar beets and vegetables. Moreover, migrant labor provides vegetables from Southern California up to the states on the Pacific Coast (migrant labor).The average annual income of migrant workers is a mere fraction of what most US workers are paid. However, from the 1960s a lot of migrant workers in the US have improved, due to the formation of labor organizations and unions. Furthermore, some of the states have implemented special committees to expand and affect social legislation that could prove to be beneficial to migrant workers (Bustamante and Reynolds 244 – 245). These acts clearly indicate the concern of the US towards migrant workers.It is a well – known fact that economic resources are scarce.