Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses strategic marketing of med thau maree sas company. The aim is to analyze the challenges faced by the company’s CEO and the factors that need to be focused on to address them. Whether outsourcing production has a serious negative impact on the organization or not and the criticality of made in Britain label in keeping the luxury status of an organization is reflected upon (Jarosinski, 2014). In addition, the organizational and marketing changes that can be made by Burberry will be discussed in detail. Lastly, the potential future impacts of the company’s actions will be discussed.Burberry is a British luxury apparel brand and its clothing stores are selling business to consumer shopping goods. The brand has an established reputation and name. Burberry has the strongest association in its trench coats and winter collections. Luxury customers identify the brand for its classic English fashion and for its brand Ambassador Emma Watson. Burberry is perceived in the market as the most renowned fashion apparel brand and for its unmatched quality of products. The product life cycle of the brand is in its growth stage as Burberry’s revenue and profits are growing increasingly and they are innovating and adding fashion in each season. The brand is perceived to penetrate deep into the US market and its revenue generation from the US is at the highest point. The market share of Burberry is mounting every year depicting its increased favorability among customers and sales.In the first decade of the 2000s Burberry was living in a nightmare of brand perception. In those days people of Britain started associating the 156 years old brand Burberry with the chavs, which is a particular tribe of teenagers in Britain that used to put on caps of Burberry as a uniform. Chavs were considered as the most stereotyped class of people in the UK (Jarosinski, 2014). Those people were considered as low class, deprived of education, heavy drinkers, and drug addicts.