Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses corporate communications: managerial communications. Negative messages, according to Robin Walker (2011), are used to portray bad news to the recipient in a manner that will not rouse a lot of tension. Bad messages are expressed in a kind tone so that the reader goes through the whole content, understands and accepts the information in good will. Persuasive messages are messages that are used to influence the recipient towards some form of decision. These messages are targeted towards convincing the recipient that the cause of action being forwarded is the best and most appropriate. Positive messages on the other hand are used to comment the employees who are the recipients for a job well done. These messages show appreciation and can also act as advertisement tools for the company or organization in question. The fourth type of business message is the routine message. These types of messages are used continually in an organization to relay information about coming events. Message design therefore refers to the specific manipulation of the message so that it serves the specific purpose for which it was created. The design gives out the correct mood as expected and relays the final information according to the expected style. The design depends on the classification of the message.