Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses on the elderly (over age 60) and fracture risk while using a proton pump inhibitor. The potential subjects shall be accessed in the nursing home by establishing an inclusion and exclusion criteria for subjects. The inclusion criteria shall be: elderly at least 60 years old, with or without history of falls, with or without history of using proton pump inhibitors. Exclusion criteria set shall include: elderly patients in the nursing home below 60 years of age. As soon as the inclusion and exclusion criteria is established, as well as the sample number of respondents, the prospective respondents shall be informed about the research with their informed consent hopefully gained. The research shall be explained, including its risks, processes, and their participation required in the study. The informed consent shall also be explained to the respondents in a language they can understand and clarifications on the research and their participation will also be ensured (Ortiz,, 2008). Patients not wanting to be part of the research shall not be coerced to participate and other prospective respondents shall be considered. Their confidentiality and anonymity during the data gathering process will also be ensured (Wiles,, 2006). 2) Describe the amount of time needed to complete this project. Create a timeline. Make sure the timeline is general enough that it can be implemented at any date. This research will take at least two years and four months to complete. The first month will include the following itinerary a. Week 1 – research on existing statistics and background information about elderly and falls, as well as elderly falls and the use of proton pump inhibitors. This research will mostly involve library research and internet searches. b. Week 2 – research on the existing literature on the subject matter, mostly on elderly and falls, including elderly falls and proton pump inhibitors. Research on related literature will mostly be library and internet searches via Google search engines, including 2002 to 2012 related studies. A critical analysis of these studies will also be carried out, evaluating gaps in the research knowledge as well as issues in the methodology and research processes. Potential information proving theoretical and clinical data on the topic will also be established through the literature review. Limitations of these studies will then be used to build potential recommended future studies. c. Week 3 – potential research methodology for the paper will be established, including research design, methodology, nursing home to be covered, as well as appropriate statistical methods and sample population. d. Week 4-5 – shall cover the submission of the paper to the Ethics Committee, awaiting approval, and making necessary changes based on recommendations of the Committee. Second Month a. Week 1 – approval of committee and potential changes made on the paper. b. Week 2 – seeking approval of the nursing home administrator. – Potential discussions with the nursing home administration (including staff) – Making the questionnaire or research tool. c. Week 3 and 4– preparing and scheduling research observation with the potential respondents 2 years – research proper a. Respondents chosen to be observed for two years with the following outcome measures observed: number of falls, dosage and frequency of proton pump inhibitor intake. Four months: Post data gathering a. 1 month – Collation, tabulation, and computation of data gathered. b.