Compose a 750 words assignment on professional athletes and celebrities as role models. Needs to be plagiarism free! 1). As contended by Shaw, Whitehead and Giles, “celebrities are meaningful figures in the lives of young people in particular, and elicit a much more complex set of responses than simple imitation (577). In this regard, one is firmly convinced that people are able to discern who among the professional athletes and celebrities could be good models and who are anti-role models whose influence could lead those emulating them into significantly disastrous consequences. as such, not all professional athletes and celebrities are good role models who must be imitated and revered. In a study conducted by Read, the author focused on “ways in which the gendered social construction of the ‘popular girl’ infuses girls’ ideas as to their role models: those representing who they would like to be when they ‘grow up’” (Read 1). Apparently, Read discovered that “young boys were not likely to consider either their male or female teachers to be role models – favouring instead sports or TV stars or male relatives and friends of their family” (Read 5).