Compose a 3500 words assignment on factory farming. Needs to be plagiarism free! This has been done in an effort to increase the yield from these animals at the lowest cost as possible while at the same time ensuring that the farmers gain massive profits in the markets in the fastest time possible. Factory farmers have come to utilize new methods of farming which include the use of modern machinery and biotechnology, as well as ensuring that they have access to global markets. It has been found that the confinement of animals in high stocking density has led to the increasing need to use antibiotics among other agents to enable the mitigation of diseases which are likely to occur because of the crowded living conditions that animals are normally subjected to. In addition, it has been found that the need to increase output has led farmers to use new forms of antibiotics which are designed to increase the growth rate of their animals in a manner that enables them to be sold earlier than normal. Despite the fact that this system of animal farming is practiced in different ways all over the world, it has become one of the most controversial aspects of farming on the planet. This has been mainly because of the massive debate that is currently taking place concerning whether factory farms do anything to ensure the welfare of their animals.Arguments have been made that factory farms are an essential part of the current global economic system which works towards helping in the feeding of the growing human population across the planet. However, those who argue against this form of farming state that they have more or less become places of suffering and death for animals mainly because their welfare is never put into consideration in the confined and unhealthy conditions within which they live (Ashwood 427). There have also been arguments that factory farms, because of their unhealthy environment and their need to increase yields as a fast rate.