Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Jazz and Social Developments. Jazz used European instruments, songs, and harmonies, but used highly varied rhythms and peculiar sound qualities reflecting African culture. The author examines various forms of jazz music, and how it influenced the European Society in the 1960s. It focuses on significant developments in music and how jazz was perceived during various periods. In the 1950s critical theory of jazz was applied to reflect the culture and astounding mass entertainment. The book examines the roles of jazz in the European subcultures and legitimizes the Western German jazz with a brief history before 1945. It evaluates how people perceived swing in spiritual and political dimensions in the wake of race, ethnic, and gender disparities.American culture has significantly influenced Western culture and the entire world in a number of ways. Music is one of the approaches through which American culture has spread to the rest of the world (Hurley, 2010, p. 14). Jazz is innovative and acts as a form of individual and collective self-expression that stresses individual players working out personal voice and style and has focused on expanding language beyond the original boundaries. The jazz musicians aimed at freeing themselves from the rigidity of standard dance and other forms of commercial music that was repetitive and rigid to play (Edmondson, 2013). Jazz has undergone transformations as individuals influence each other and develop new voices and styles. This study examines the similarities of jazz developments and social changes in the post-second world war and explores the differences between this jazz with jazz in the early twentieth century.Jazz is an American music style developed at the beginning of the twentieth century in New Orleans from black cultures as a mixture of ragtime. blues and band played at a funeral (Edmondson, 2013, p. 599). As it gained popularity and influence it helped in bringing the young people together.