Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: The Development of a Television Series. The developers of the film introduce Dexter strategically by portraying all the essential features about him including a portion of his family.After the appropriate introduction of Dexter, the developers further introduce the first antagonist of the television series. Dexter’s first assignment is the investigation of a serial killer he nicknames “Ice truck killer” a name later adopted for the episode. The murderer kills his first victim in cold blood. he leaves the body strategically for the police severed and bloodless. Dexter comes into the crime scene and begins analyzing the crime scene. He notices the severed body and its bloodless nature. Additionally, he notices that the murderer in the case leaves the body strategically for the investigators. The victim is a young woman who they readily determine was a prostitute in the city. While Dexter and his team strive to settle the case, the criminal strikes again and just as it was in his first case, he kills a prostitute and mutilates her body leaving it bloodless.The patterns of his murders are interesting and Dexter soon develops a pattern arising from the evidence he leaves at the crime scene. The murderer leaves a form of a mutilated doll on the bodies of his victims as a message he seeks to pass to the police. The producers of the first episode employ specific features in order to earn the episode and the entire season a success. The developers ensure that they introduce any important character in the episode and develops an appropriate conflict o sustain the entire episode and season. The first paragraph serves as the background to both the characters and the settings among other essential features of the television drama. In a bid to develop effective background to the characters in the series, the developers introduce Rita Bennett and Debra.The two are essential characters in the television series who influence the performance of the key character thereby influencing the nature of the plot.&nbsp. &nbsp.