Need to write 10 to 12 pages There must be at least 6 APA references. We will choose Net Flix companyDiscuss the major components required in the operational efficiency plan:Business PlanHow will you obtain funds for the project?  (are you asking for funds or obtaining from another source)How many funds are required to start?What is the timeframe to launch?Resource requirementsHardwareSoftwareOther support IT to get the systems up and running (networking, database, etc…)PeopleEquipmentOffice SpaceEtc…Key concepts to address to ensure the organization is running efficientlyOrganizational Learning Concepts and TheoriesIntegration of IT ResourcesVirtual Teams? Local Teams?  Why?Ethical and Legal ImplicationsCyber Security and Privacy of InformationWhat do you have to account for?  (managing data or credit card information?)Best Practices that you are going to implement in your organization and whySummary and Next Steps