This is a strategic Management class assignment. Please read the materials carefully before you accept the proposal.Textbook: Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations by Peter M. Ginter, W. Jack Duncan, Linda E. Swayne.  Eight EditionAssignment1.    Five Forces Exercise:  Consider the model and the data for analysis.The nursing home competitive market in Poughkeepsie, NYIndustry competitors: Five nursing homes with 1200 nursing home bedsPotential new entrants: one or two possible new nursing homesBuyers:  The hospitals discharge 960 individuals to nursing homes annually. Substitutes:  600 substitute beds (assisted living, independent living) and 100 community alternatives (medical model adult day care)Suppliers:            There is one lab            There are two major physician groups serving the communityUsing the Five Forces Model, describe how hard/easy it would be to recruit customers if you were a new nursing home coming into this service area.  If you operated a nursing home in the service area, how hard/easy would it be to continue to recruit customers if a new nursing home enters this service area?  Remember use the model to explain your responses.2. Respond to the following questions:1. Define competitive advantage.  Define Sustainable Competitive Advantage.2. Define competencies and capabilities – what are their differences3. How are capabilities related to resources and competencies (how to capabilities impact resources and competencies)? 3. Please watch two short You Tube Videos using the following links: believe that some of the best CEOs inspire excellent work performance from their staff.  Many of them use the Mission, Vision and Values statements as tool.  Consider the two hospital systems presented – does either Mission inspire you?  Write an essay explaining which one does and why or why neither inspires you.  How do you this this Mission Statement help recruit and retain customers.  No more than three paragraphs