Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses ethics of using alcoholic beverages. In his writing, Bliss claims that the church perceives those who indulge in the consumption of alcohol products as less spiritual (Bliss 9). He justifies his claim by saying that often spirituality is not compatible with the abuse of alcohol. Bliss further claims that abuse of alcohol lowers an individual’s activeness in church and may even lead to one-stop going to church. From this assertion, one can deduce that the church considers alcoholism as one of the contributing factors for the drop of spirituality. In his work, Bliss also expounds on how the church plays a part in enhancing an individual’s recovery from abuse of alcohol. Additionally, the author also provides detailed information on how the churches advocate abstinence from alcohol abuse (Bliss 16). Thus, through Bliss’s work, one can learn that the church disregards the abuse of alcohol very much.According to Christian, the Catholic Church performs poorly on matters relating to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. He claims that the church has failed to inform people about the impacts of consuming alcohol (Christian 1). The author further asserts that the Catholics often flip about drinking instead of confronting some factors that lead to its consumption. According to the author, most religious practices grant children of testing what they value after growing older instead of preaching against its use (Christian 1). It is as a result of emotional preparedness that a majority of the children end up consuming alcohol after growing older enough to make their decisions. According to the author, the Catholic Church is one of the churches that advocate moderate consumption of alcohol instead of preaching against its consumption in society (Christian 1). Christian further asserts that some Christians consider drinking as a sin only after it starts to impair one’s reasoning. Additionally, he claims that when one drinks alcohol in order to get high or to become drunk, he or she is committing a sin. From&nbsp.Christian’s argument, therefore, one can deduce that some churches do not consider the use of alcoholic beverages as a sin.