FORMAT: Posts should be collegiate-level writing.Avoid slang, contractions, incorrect grammar, or misspelled words.Posts should be a minimum of two (2) and no longer than three (3) paragraphs long.A minimum of three (3) Turabian/Chicago style citations from any of the readings for the week are required in your original discussion post.MINIMUM OF 600 WORD COUNTRESOURCES: TOPIC: It is clear that there were perceptions of differences between those in power and those responding to power leading up to the revolution and these differences were on the minds of many in the second half of the 18th century in America and the wider Atlantic. These differences were some of the reasons that led to the Revolutionary era. In the discussion this week you will use the documents in the primary sources associated with chapter 5 to explain how groups justified revolution were understood by various groups living in the colonies. Keep in mind that British colonists living in different regions, Indigenous people, the French, and Black communities each had differing perspectives on the value of war. People wanting to earn maximum points will compare at least two groups to explain differences and similarities of purpose.You should use specific events found in the textbook section to support your primary source selections. If a specific battles/people/events are mentioned, explain them and discuss the reasons they are important to your discussion. If a geographic region is mentioned in the sources you should explain what was happening in the region as described in the textbook. You should explain any other important dates, laws, or events that help you explain your discussion this week. MINIMUM OF 600 WORD COUNT