Need help with my writing homework on The Use of Zyklon B and Other Tragedies in Auschwitz Camp. Write a 250 word paper answering; &nbsp.One of the things that were questionable was whether the camp was reconstructed or not. According to Cole’s interview with Alicia, the tour guide, the gas chamber was in its original state. However, Dr Piper contradicts this claim by stating that there were reconstructions made in the original gas chamber, which was later converted to air raid shelters. Another confusing information presented by Cole was about the use of Zyklon B. According to Dr Piper, the traces of Zyklon B differed from those in the gas chamber and the disinfection chamber due to the difference in the number of hours both chambers were being used. At the end of the interview, Cole still did not come up with a conclusive view of the reality of the gas chamber in Auschwitz. The interview just leaves his audience with more questions. One was not enlightened on what is real and what is not. The history that we know is also based mostly on eyewitness accounts without much-written documentation. One thinks that Cole failed in giving the documentation needed to debunk the Holocaust. A visit at the Auschwitz camp and interview with is Director was simply not enough to persuade the audience about Cole’s belief that everything was a myth.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.