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You should not address the opposing side of your argument when you write an argumentative essay. True FalseWhich of the following would not be considered objective language in an argumentative essay?Using “you” in the essay.Using “I” in the essay.Using “we” in the essay.All of the above.Which of the following pieces of evidence should you not use to support your argument?1.personal blog2.facts3.quotations from authorities in the field4.statisticsYou need to be objective when writing an argumentative essay, so as not to alienate the reader. True FalseWhat is a flaw in logic normally called in an argumentative essay?1.logical incongruity2.faulty reasonability3.logical fallacy4.reasonable fallacyWhich of the following is not a rhetorical appeal that should be present in your argument?1.pathos2.ethos3.generalization4.logosA typical error made in argumentative writing is to restate an argument but not actually prove the argument. What is this error called?Circular argumentRed herringBegging the claimSlippery slopeWhat is the name for an emotional appeal to your audience in argumentative writing?1.ethos2.logos3.pathos4.emothosNormally, you can introduce new information in the conclusion of your argumentative essay. True FalseWhat is an argument in an essay?1.An evaluation of an issue.2.A personal opinion or belief.3.A comparision of two sides of an issue.4.A specific stance on an issue.