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1) Which of the following is true of the general theory of crime?a) It explains crime as a natural consequence of uncontrolled human desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.b) It is applicable to all types of crime, except white-collar crime.c) It suggests that criminal motivation in and of itself results in a crime.d)It states that individuals with low self-control consider the long-term consequences of their behavior.2) Which of the following is suggested by the rational choice theory with regard to the criminal decision-making process?a) Cost-benefit assessments are objective and rigid.b) Specific crime is chosen through an analysis of opportunities and the cost-benefit trade-off.c) Objectivity of the decision process allows criminal behavior to be considered rational.d) Offenders choose courses of action such as fraud that produce optimal rewards regardless of the effort.3) A criminal offense is a violation of local, state, or federal law that prohibits certain conduct. T/F4) Neutralization is a principal theory of rationalization. T/F