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The difference between actual overhead costs incurred and the budgeted overhead costs based on a flexible budget is the:Production variance.Quantity variance.Volume variance.Price variance.Controllable variance.The difference between actual price per unit of input and the standard price per unit of input results in a:Standard variance.Quantity variance.Volume variance.Controllable variance.Price variance.The difference between actual quantity of input used and the standard quantity of input used results in a:Controllable variance.Standard variance.Budget variance.Quantity variance.Price variance.The difference between the actual cost incurred and the standard cost is called the:Flexible variance.Price variance.Cost variance.Controllable variance.Volume variance.The following company information is available for March. The direct materials price variance is:Direct materials purchased and used2,500 feet @ $55 per footStandard costs for direct materials for March production2,600 feet @ $53 per foot$5,000 favorable.$300 favorable.$5,200 unfavorable.$5,000 unfavorable.$5,200 favorable.When there is a difference between the actual volume of production and the standard volume of production, which of the following, based solely on fixed overhead, occurs?Production variance.Volume variance.Overhead cost variance.Quantity variance.Controllable variance.