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1. Cobe Company has already manufactured 16,000 units of Product A at a cost of $20 per unit. The 16,000 units can be sold at this stage for $460,000. Alternatively, the units can be further processed at a $290,000 total additional cost and be converted into 5,500 units of Product B and 11,200 units of Product C. Per unit selling price for Product B is $108 and for Product C is $52.Prepare an analysis that shows whether the 16,000 units of Product A should be processed further or not.Sell as isProcess FurtherSales$460,000Relevant costs:Costs to process furtherTotal relevant costsIncome (loss)Incremental net income (or loss) if processed furtherIncremental incomeThe company shouldprocess further2. Childress Company produces three products, K1, S5, and G9. Each product uses the same type of direct material. K1 uses 3.1 pounds of the material, S5 uses 3.4 pounds of the material, and G9 uses 6.3 pounds of the material. Demand for all products is strong, but only 56,000 pounds of material are available. Information about the selling price per unit and variable cost per unit of each product follows.K1S5G9 Selling price$150.29$116.98$210.63 Variable costs101.0084.00147.00Calculate the contribution margin per pound for each of the three products. (Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)Contribution margin per poundProduct K1Product S5Product G9Contribution margin per poundOrder in which products should be produced and filled:3. All the answers are correct below. I just need help finding the answer to the only empty cell at very bottom.Marinette Company makes several products, including canoes. The company has been experiencing losses from its canoe segment and is considering dropping that product line. The following information is available regarding its canoe segment.MARINETTE COMPANYIncome Statement—Canoe Segment Sales$1,950,000 Variable costs Direct materials$460,000 Direct labor560,000 Variable overhead260,000 Variable selling and administrative220,000 Total variable costs1,500,000 Contribution margin450,000 Fixed costs Direct400,000 Indirect300,000 Total fixed costs700,000 Net income$(250,000) If canoes are discontinued, calculate the net income lost or gained.Keep the departmentEliminate the departmentSales$1,950,000Expenses:Direct materials460,000Direct labor560,000Variable overhead260,000Variable selling and administrative costs220,000Direct fixed costs400,000Indirect fixed costs300,000Total expenses1,900,000300,000Net income (loss)$50,000$(300,000)The canoe division should be:KeptIf the canoe division is eliminated, income will be:lower by: