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6. The Potomac Range Corporation manufactures a line of microwave ovens costing $400each. Its sales have averaged about 5,500 units per month during the past year. InAugust, Potomac’s closest competitor, Spring City Stove Works, cut its price for a closelycompetitive model from $580 to $500. Potomac noticed that its sales volume declined to 4,000 units per month after Spring City announced its price out.A) What is the arc cross elasticity of demand between Potomac’s oven and the competitive Spring City model?B) Would you say that these two firms are very close competitors? What other factors could have influenced the observed relationship?C) If Potomac knows that the arc price elasticity of demand for its ovens is — 2.5, what price would Potomac have to charge to sell the same number of units it did before the SpringCity price cut?