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A. Journalize the adjusting entries below at year-end December 31, XXXX. Please share your supporting calculations for the adjusting entries requiring computations.(a) Beginning prepaid insurance, $500. Payments for insurance during the period are $900. Ending prepaid insurance is $600.(b) Interest revenue of $1,500 has been earned but not yet received.(c) Accrued Service Revenue of $12,000(d) The weekly payroll is $20,000. Employees are owed for 4 days of a 5-day work week.The unadjusted balance of the Supplies account is $1,200. The total cost of supplies remaining is $300.(f) Equipment was purchased at the beginning of the year for $25,000. The equipment’s useful life is 5 years, and the residual value is $5,000. Record the depreciation for this year.B. Calculate the overall overstatement or understatement of net income if the above adjusting entries were not made. Please share your work.