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4. The calendar year-end adjusted trial balance for Bellinger Co., Inc. follows:Bellinger., Inc. Adjusted Trial Balance December 31Cash$112,000Accounts receivable27,000Prepaid insurance15,000Prepaid rent8,000Office supplies4,300Office equipment38,000Accumulated depreciation—Equipment$3,200Building288,000Accumulated depreciation—Building42,000Land700,000Accounts payable25,800Salaries payable15,000Taxes payable2,000Long-term note payable72,000Common stock1,000Retained earnings909,000Dividends200,500Service fees earned430,800Salaries expense90,000Insurance expense5,200Rent expense5,000Depreciation expense—Equipment800Depreciation expense—Building 7,000 Totals $1,500,800 $1,500,800 (a) Prepare a classified balance sheet on the next page. (Note: A $9,000 installment on the long-term note payable is due within one year.) Make sure your balance sheet is in proper format and includes all required headings, subtotals, classifications, etc. See the textbook for an example of a classified balance sheet.Hints: Total assets (and total liabilities and equity) should be $1,147,100. You will have to calculate ending retained earnings. You may want to prepare an income statement and statement of retained earnings to help you calculate ending retained earnings that is reported as part of equity.