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Vang Management Services began business on January 1, 2017, with a capital investment of $120,000. The company manages condominiums for owners (Service Revenue) and rents space in its own office building (Rent Revenue). The trial balance and adjusted trial balance columns of the worksheet at the end of the first year are as follows.VANG MANAGEMENT SERVICESWorksheetFor the Year Ended December 31, 2017Trial BalanceAdjusted Trial BalanceDr.Cr.Dr.Cr.Cash13,80013,800Accounts Receivable28,30028,300Prepaid Insurance3,6002,400Land67,00067,000Buildings127,000127,000Equipment59,00059,000Accounts Payable12,50012,500Unearned Rent Revenue6,0001,500Mortgage Payable120,000120,000Owner’s Capital144,000144,000Owner’s Drawings22,00022,000Service Revenue90,70090,700Rent Revenue29,00033,500Salaries and Wages Expense42,00042,000Advertising Expense20,50020,500Utilities Expense19,00019,000 Totals402,200402,200Insurance Expense1,200Depreciation Expense6,600Accumulated Depreciation—Buildings3,000Accumulated Depreciation—Equipment3,600Interest Expense10,000Interest Payable10,000 Totals418,800418,800have a complete worksheet.classified balance sheet. (Note: $30,000 of the mortgage note payable is due for payment next year.)(List Current Assets in order of liquidity. List Property, Plant and Equipment in order of Land, Buildings and Equipment.)Journal the adjusting entries.journal the closing entriespost closing trial balance