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The following information is available for Ingrid’s Company for the month ending June 30, 2015.• Balance per the bank statement is $10,241.43.• Balance per books is $9,745.06.• Check #506 for $1,948.52 and check #510 for $1,800.25 were not returned with the June 30 bank statement.• A deposit in transit of $5,113.40 had not been received by the bank when the bank statement was generated.• A bank debit memo indicated an NSF check in the amount of $79 written by Deck Tron to Ingrid’s Company on June 13. • A bank credit memo indicated a note collected by the bank of $1,900 and interest revenue of $75 on June 20.• The bank statement indicated service charges of $35.Required:1. Prepare the journal entries from the reconciliation process in the company books.