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The following information applies to the products of Corbett Company: Product A Product BSelling price per unit $ 40 $ 32 Variable cost per unit 24 12 Identify the product that should be produced or sold under each of the following constraints. Consider each constraint separately.RequiredA) One unit of Product A requires 2 hours of labor to produce, and one unit of Product B requires 4 hours of labor to produce. Due to labor constraints, demand is higher than the company’s capacity to make both products.Contribution margin per labor hour for Product A and Product B?B) The products are sold to the public in retail stores. The company has limited floor space and cannot stock as many products as it would like. Display space is available for only one of the two products. Expected sales of Product A and Product B are 8,000 units and 9,000 units, respectively.Total contribution margin for Product A and Product B?C) The maximum number of machine hours available is 40,000. Product A uses 2.50 machine hours, and Product B uses 4 machine hours. The company can sell all the products it produces.Total contribution margin per machine hour for Product A and Product B?