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3.Which of the following is a good example of a preventive control?Segregating the duties of approving transactions and recording transactionsAll the other alternatives are good preventive controlsApprovals of purchase ordersKeeping cash locked in a safeSupervisory review of payroll before payroll cheques are distributed at month-end4.Which of the following would not be a feature of a system of internal control over cash?all major disbursements are made by chequework and responsibilities of cash handling and recording are divided in such a way that errors are readily disclosed and the possibility of irregularities is reducedinsider trading is reportedNone of the other alternatives are correctall cash receipts are deposited intact in the bank each day6.Internal control systems are not designed topromote operational efficiencyencourage adherence to prescribed management policiesinternal control systems are designed to do all of what is mentioned in the other alternativescheck the accuracy and reliability of accounting recordssafeguard assets