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Flynn Industries has three activity cost pools and two products. It expects to produce 2,410 units of Product BC113 and 1,570 of Product AD908. Having identified its activity cost pools and the cost drivers for each pool, Flynn accumulated the following data relative to those activity cost pools and cost drivers.Annual Overhead DataExpected Use ofCost Drivers per ProductActivity Cost PoolsCost DriversEstimatedOverheadExpected Use of CostDrivers per ActivityProductBC113ProductAD908Machine setupSetups$22,640402713MachiningMachine hours93,5465,1971,0994,098PackingOrders25,920480165315Using the above data, do the following:Prepaare a schedule showing the computations of the activity-based overhead rates per cost driver.Activity CostPoolsEstimatedOverheadExpected Use of CostDrivers per ActivityActivity-BasedOverhead RatesMachine setup$setups$ per setupMachiningmachine hours$ per machine hr.Packingorders$ per order$