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Read:Chapter 4: Essentials of PlanningChapter 5: Problem Solving and Decision MakingChapter 6: Quantitative Techniques for Planning and Decision Making Chapter 4 – Answer the following Questions:1. Some business owners make a statement something to the effect, “We’re too busy to bother with strategy. We have to take care of the present.” What might be wrong with their reasoning.2. Skill-Building Exercise: Take a goal from your Company (general or departmental) and apply the SWOT analysis in order to find strategies to achieve this goal.Chapter 5 – Answer the following Question:3. Internet Skill-Building Exercise: Learning about Creativity Training, page 188 [8e pg 183].Chapter 6 -Answer the following Questions:4. What similarities do you see between the purposes of break-even analysis and a decision tree?.7. Skill-Building Exercise 6-A: Developing a PERT Network, Page 220 [8e pg. 215].