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Manufacturing overhead $225,000 incurred, $14,500 overpaid, overhead rate is $5.00 . How many hours dis company work?Under job order costing a company started with one job
($6,000) with $500 of cost assigned at the time. Other production cost were
assigned as follows: Job #1= $6,000, Job #2 = 8,100, Job #3$2,400. Job #1 and
#2 were completed by the end of the month, but Job# 3 was not. What was the
cost of good manufactured? What was process inventory balance at end of month?Manufacturing overhead and direct labor were $80,000 and
$16,00 respectively. Materials costs were $1,500, labor costs were $2,400 @
$6.00 an hour. At years end the company had worked 15,000 direct labor hours
and incurred 78,000 in manufacturing overhead costs.
What was the predetermined overhead rate for the year? What
was the amount of overhead charged to the job for the year? What was over-under
applied overhead for theyear? Assming 100 units were completed what was the unt
product cost?