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EX 2-3 Charts of accountsLeadCo School is a newly organized business that teaches people how to inspire and influence others. The list of accounts to be opened in the general ledger is as follows:Accounts Payable Miscellaneous Expense Accounts Receivable Prepaid Insurance Cash Rent Expense Equipment Supplies Fees Earned Supplies Expense Ivy Bishop, Capital Unearned Rent Ivy Bishop, Drawing Wages ExpenseList the accounts in the order in wich they should appear in the ledger of LeadCo School and assign account numbers. Each account number is to have two digits: the first digit is to indicate the major classification ( 1 for assets, etc.), and the second digit is to identify the specific account within each major classification (11 for Cash, etc.).Ex 2-4 Rules of debit and creditThe following table summarizes the rules of debit and credit. For each of the items (a) through (1), indicate wheter the proper answer is a debit or a credit. Increase Decrease Normal BalancedBalance sheet accounts:Asset (a) (b) DebitLiability © Debit (d)Owner’s equity:Capital Credit (e) (f) Drawing (g) (h) (i)Income statement accounts:Revenue (j) (k) CreditExpense (l) Credit Debit