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How has SOX legislation boosted the role of the human resource function in an organization?A. All of these.B. By requiring that complaints about financial issues be investigated by referral to the legal counsel and the board’s audit committee.C. By requiring that people be properly assigned their responsibilities and report to persons with one directional relationship.D. By requiring that all people are properly certified for the job responsibilities they are assigned to within the finance function of a company, and to ensure that there are no phantom employees.Hull Company acquires land for $86000 cash. Additional costs are as follows:Removal of shed $ 300Filling and grading 1500Salvage value of lumber of shed 120Broker commission 1130Paving of parking lot 10000Closing costs 560Hull will record the acquisition cost of the land asA. $89610.B. $96000.C. $89370.D. $87690.The carrying value of bonds at maturity should be equal to the face value of the bonds.A. True B. FalseWhich one of the following items is not a consideration when recording periodic depreciation expense on plant assets?A.CostB.Estimated useful lifeC.Salvage valueD.Cash needed to replace the plant assetIf bonds are issued at a discount, it means that theA. bondholder will receive effectively less interest than the contractual interest rate.B. financial strength of the issuer is suspect.C. market interest rate is higher than the contractual interest rate.D. market interest rate is lower than the contractual interest rate.Working capital isA.current assets plus current liabilities.B.current assets multiplied by current liabilities.C. current assets divided by current liabilities.D. current assets minus current liabilities.