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A family restaurant has 145 seats. Total restaurant sales revenue for the next year has been estimated at $1,804,000. The restaurant is open 365 days for lunch and dinner. It is open only six days a week for breakfast. Seat turnovers are: breakfast 1.5, lunch 2.0, and dinner 1.25. Total sales revenue is broken down into 20% for breakfast, 45% for lunch and 35% for dinner. Calculate the restaurant’s average check by meal period for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the overall average check.Breakfast – $5.61Lunch – $8.20Dinner – $10.45Overall Avg -$7.15Breakfast – $5.71Lunch – $8.84Dinner – $10.75Overall Avg -$7.32Breakfast – $5.32Lunch – $7.67Dinner – $9.54Overall Avg –.52Breakfast – $5.71Lunch – $8.24Dinner – $10.25Overall Avg -$7.25