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Tax Issues IdentifiedIdentify the tax issue or issues suggested by the following situations and state each issue in the form of a question.(need two questions for each situation)1.Guenther is researching a tax issue involving the deductibility of costs to remodel an office building. He has found several authorities permitting such costs to be deducted, and several others requiring that remodeling costs be capitalized and depreciated for tax purposes.(tax research)2.ROJ Inc. purchased a 20-acre industrial complex consisting
of three warehouses and two office buildings surrounded by parking lots. About
12 acres of the land is undeveloped. ROJ paid a lump-sum purchase price of
$19.4 million.(property acquisitions and cost recovery deductions)
3.WRT owns a chain of retail bookstores. It recently decided
to add coffee bars in each store to sell gourmet coffee drinks and pastries to
the bookstore costumers. WRT has not yet obtained the necessary lisenses
required under local law to serve food to the public. However, it has incurred
almost $30,000 in up-front expenditures on the coffee bars.(property
acquisitions and cost recovery deductions