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Tastee, Inc., sells kitchen wares to customers. Its fiscal year ends this month. The following transactions occurred this year:Sold kitchen wares to customers for $272,000; received $100,000 in cash and the rest on account. The cost of the equipment was $47,000.Paid employees $65,260 in wages for work during the year; an additional $6,130 for current year wages will be paid at the end of the first week of next month.Purchased $147,000 of new kitchen wares inventory; paid $42,000 in cash and owed the rest on account.Received $1,281 from customers as deposits on orders of new kitchen wares to be delivered to the customers next year.Paid $36 cash for utilities for this year. $2,480 in utility bills for this year remain unpaid.Using the cash basis of accounting, what would Tastee, Inc report as current year income?