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What is your opinion about the situation below?You are an accountant with XYZ Corporation, a nationally known merchandise company. During the last quarter, you received an invoice from One Stop Corporation, one of the XYZ suppliers requesting payment for goods supplied to XYZ Corporation during the last quarter. While you are reviewing the invoice for payment, you discovered that the supplier overbilled XYZ Corporation in the amount of $2 million.You called One Stop Corporation notifying the management of the $2 million excess billing and you also request an explanation for the overbilling. One stop corporation chief executive officer sends you a memo along with a package gifts. The memo states that the $2 million overbilling incident was a “regrettable error” and that you should please accept the package gifts for your inconvenience. The package gifts include (executive suites) four National Football Leauge super bowl tickets, assorted gift cards to high-end stores and a two week (all expenses paid) stay at an exclusive resort in Florida.