This assignment is designed to familiarize students with an important part of conducting marketing research – a literature review of secondary data to support hypotheses.  This assignment will result in a written paper that each student should submit.  Your paper should include the following.  
1.  Review the research paper included in the Module.  Look at the variables studies, as well as the hypotheses that were examined.  Also, take note of the literature review portion of the paper which begins with the heading “Conceptual Development and Hypotheses” on pg. 79 and goes until the heading “Hypotheses” on pg. 81.
2.  You should select at least three consumer variables that you predict to be causally related to one another.
3.  Write two causal hypotheses that show the relationships you expect to find between these variables. 
4.  Now, find past secondary research that proves your hypotheses.  You should find at least five sources that provide this support.
The most common writing style in marketing research is APA (American Psychological Society) style.  Thus, when writing this paper, be sure to format it in APA style.